August 2011; 37(3)


Get indexed and cited, or perish. Armen Yuri Gasparyan [PDF]

Essays in editing

Plagiarism: the emperor’s new clothes. Farrokh Habibzadeh, Harvey Marcovitch [PDF]
Commentary: On plagiarism, laziness, and scholarship. Miguel Roig
Scientific discourse and contrastive linguistics: explicitness and the concept of reader/writer responsible languages. Françoise Salager-Meyer [PDF]


On text reuse and the scholarship of science. Miguel Roig [PDF]
The h index as a research performance indicator. Lutz Bornmann, Werner Marx [PDF]
Science editing for medical journals: two perspectives. Charles E Pless, I Barry Pless [PDF]

Editing around the world

Science editing in the developing world: a personal journey.  Karim Vessal [PDF]
Professional medical writing and ethical issues: a developing country’s perspective. Behrooz Astaneh, Sarah Masoumi [PDF]

Reports of meetings

The Italian health institute takes part in the Science Picnic. Federica Napolitani, Anna Maria Rossi [PDF]
How to review and get reviewed. Gisela Ripoll, Enric Castelló [PDF]

Regular features

EASE-Forum Digest: March to June 2011. Elise Langdon Neuner (compiler) [PDF]
This Site I Like: Research misconduct: now, the movie. Silvia Maina [PDF]
My Life as an Editor: Roger Jones [PDF]
News Notes. Lionel Browne and John Hilton [PDF]
The Editor’s Bookshelf. Anna Maria Rossi (compiler) [PDF]
Updated EASE Guidelines promote research integrity worldwide. Sylwia B Ufnalska
Forthcoming meetings, courses, and BELS examinations [PDF]