August 2015;41(3)

Table of Contents [PDF]

Original articles

A “basket of metrics”—the best support for understanding journal merit. Lisa Colledge; Chris James [PDF]


Six years at the helm: view from the bridge. Joan Marsh [PDF]


Medical editing in India. Rajshekhar Bipeta [PDF]
Peer review incentives: a simple idea to encourage fast and effective peer review. Daniel Johnston [PDF]


Training enough good science reviewers. Andrew J. Davis [PDF]

Reports of meetings

Effective Journal Editorial Management. Jamie Humphrey; Rebecca Marsh [PDF]

Book reviews

Teaching to avoid plagiarism: how to promote good source use. Elizabeth Wager [PDF]

Regular features

EASE-Forum digest: March to June 2015 [PDF]
My life as an editor – Richard Horton [PDF]
News notes. John Hilton [PDF]
The editor’s bookshelf. Anna Maria Rossi [PDF]
Correspondence [PDF]