February 2003; 29(1)

From the editors’ desks

Thank you — Eighth General Assembly and Conference, Bath, 8–11 June 2003 — EASE-Forum — Science Editors’ Handbook — Annual General Meeting, Paris — Moira has moved, again — Peter Lomax — Contributions for the next issue


An authors’ and editors’ problem. Tom van Loon, Hervé Maisonneuve


Current peer review policy needs improving. Shuang-ming SONG

Publishing short articles in the print journal and full articles on the Web? The BMJ is doing it with most re search papers. Marcus Müllner


Call for papers: Acta Pharmacologica Sinica. DING Guang-Sheng

Reports of meetings

What is the editor’s role? Annual conference of the Editors’ Association of Canada/Association canadienne des réviseurs. Gilles Vilasco

The Cotswold Wayz goose: Society of Indexers annual conference. Chris tine Shuttleworth

Recorded in nature — revealed in words: joint meeting of AESE and EASE. Pehr H. Enckell

EASE-Forum digest

September to December 2002. Arjan Polderman (compiler)

Joining the forum (new instructions) — Seeking help and information — Guidelines

Book reviews

C.C. Hyde, E. Seneta (eds): Statisticians of the centuries

H.A. David, A.W.F. Ed wards: Annotated readings in the history of statistics

(reviewed by Ed ward J. Huth)

Jennifer Peat, Elizabeth Elliott, Louise Baur, Victoria Keena: Scientific writing: easy when you know how (reviewed by John Kirkman)

Jacob Goldenberg, David Mazursky: Creativity in product innovation (reviewed by Robert Gwilliam)

Regular features

The Editors’ WebWatch (Moira Vekony): Margaret Cooter, Paola De Castro, Liza Furnival, John Glen, Bruce Squires, Moira Vekony

News Notes. Margaret Cooter

Forth coming meetings, courses and BELS exams

The Editor’s Book shelf. Jean Shaw

Member ship list additions and changes

Instructions to authors contributing to European Science Editing

Membership of EASE [membership information/application form]