February 2004; 30(1)

From the editors’ desks

It’s all in the name — A step forward— Readers’ survey — Annual General Meeting 2004 — EASE Forum — Contributions for the next issue


Communicating science: the editor’s role. Marie-Louise Desbarats-Schönbaum


Peer reviewer opinions regarding publication-specific acknowledgements: a survey study. Michael Berkwits, A Russell Localio, Frank Davidoff

Editorial decision-making based on abstracts. Sara Schroter, Helen Barratt

Editing in Croatia

Editing biomedical journals in Croatia. Ana Marusic, Matko Marusic


What’s in a name. Mark Powlson; Maeve O’Connor; Marie-Louise Desbarats-Schönbaum; Bob Huggan

Reports of meetings

Editing and scientific “truth”: 8th general assembly and conference of EASE. Elisabeth Heseltine, Maggie Brunner

Annual committee on publication ethics (COPE) 2003. Birte Twisselmann, Richard Smith

First regional conference on medical journalism in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region. Farrokh Habibzadeh

EASE-Forum digest

September–December 2003. Elise Langdon-Neuner (compiler)

Curate’s egg — Use of possessive form of eponyms and italics — Lost in cyberspace— Searching for the “s” — Transatlantic differences — Redirecting ownership of intellectual property — Forum moderator/commentator — Joining the forum

From the literature

Peer review journals and controversial science. Liz Wager

Book reviews

R M Ritter: The Oxford guide to style (reviewed by John Kirkman)

Michele Sabto: The on-screen editing handbook (reviewed by Kathleen Lyle)

Paul Pedley: Copyright& the internet — myth and reality (reviewed by AJ (Tom) van Loon)

Andrew L Ternay, Jr: The language of nightmares (reviewed by Bob Huggan)

Regular features

The Editors’ WebWatch. Moira Vekony

News Notes. Margaret Cooter

Forthcoming meetings, courses and BELS examinations

The Editor’s Bookshelf. Jane Moody

Membership list additions and changes

Instructions to authors contributing to European Science Editing

ESE index, 2002–2003 [announcement]

Membership of EASE [membership information and application form]