February 2005; 31(1)


Editors are human: what should we do if they fail? AJ (Tom) van Loon


Be yond electrification: innovative models of scientific and scholarly publication. Stefan Gradmann

Editors in Europe: EASE and its predecessors. Maeve O’Connor

Editing around the world

Editing scientific journals in mainland China. Shengli Ren

View point

An un happy equation: mistrust + confusion + politics = interference with science information transfer. Karen Shashok


Open access. Vlatko Silobrcic

Editorials. Mark Powlson

From the literature

Suggestions on reviewing from the world of marine biology. Liz Wager

Reports of meetings

 Greetings from the new section editor. Stuart Handysides

Spreading the word: who profits from scientific publishing? EuroScience Open

Forum symposium. Siméon Anguelov, Pierre Baruch, Françoise Praderie

Second regional conference on medical journalism in the WHO Eastern

Mediterranean Re gion. Farrokh Habibzadeh

Ethics of the peer re view sys tem: 32nd In ternational Geological Congress. AJ (Tom) van Loon

EASE-Forum digest

October–December 2004. Elise Langdon-Neuner (compiler)

Book reviews

Janet Mackenzie: The editor’s companion (reviewed by Basil Walby)

Jane Dorner: Writing for the Internet (reviewed by Moira A Vekony)

News from Committees

Programme committee: 4th report. AJ (Tom) van Loon

Publications committee. Hervé Maisonneuve

Regular features

The Editors’ WebWatch. Moira Vekony

News Notes. Margaret Cooter

Forth coming meetings, courses and BELS examinations

The Editor’s Book shelf. Jane Moody

Member ship list additions and changes

Instructions to authors contributing to European Science Editing

Member ship of EASE [member ship in formation and application form]