February 2007; 33(1)


The dilemma of duplicity. Moira Johnson-Vekony

Editing around the World

Scientific periodicals in Bulgaria – history and present status. Mariana Dyakova, Dobriana Sidzhimova

Reports of Meetings

Institutional archives for research: experiences and projects in open access. Paola De Castro
Closing the gap between editing practice and theory: METM 06. Karen Shashok
Post-conference workshops. Reme Melero
Statistics for journal editors: learning to be sceptical. Alison McKelvey Clayson


Inaccessible science literature in Eastern Europe. Volodymyr Lysenko
Communicating science to the general public. Pawel Walewski
Blogs, bloggers, blogosphere: introducing medical blogs. Irina Haivas, Traian Mihaescu
The Information Environment and digital repositories. Neil Jacobs
Green, gold, or neither: author attitudes and behaviour regarding open access. Alice Keefer

From the Literature

Publication misconduct flowcharts. Liz Wager
EASE-Forum Digest: October – December 2006. Elise Langdon-Neuner (compiler)


AuthorAID: Developmental editing assistance for researchers in developing countries. Anthony Robbins and Phyllis Freeman
Introducing your EASE Publications Committee
The Editors’ WebWatch. Mary Ellen Kerans (compiler)
News Notes
News from Editing Societies
Forthcoming Meetings, Courses and BELS Examinations
The Editor’s Bookshelf