May 2004; 30(2)

From the editors’ desks

Mem ber ship 2004 — Ninth general assembly and conference — Readers’ survey

First EASE seminar and next AGM — More efforts to ex tend training — New editor needed

Suggestions and volunteers — Contributions for the August issue


Not just an other form to fill in. Elisabeth Kessler

Editing in Spain

Spanish scientific journals are still alive. Reme Melero


Nil by Latin. John Kirkman


 Nil by Latin? John Glen

Eponyms and italics. MJ Robertson

EASE survey and name. Diana Epstein

Reports of meetings

Annual meeting of the Association of Earth Science Editors. AJ (Tom) van Loon

5th Drug Information Association European work shop on medical/technical writing. Elise Langdon-Neuner

The Cochrane Library, 1988–2003 (article based on presentation at EASE meeting, 2003). Mark Starr, Iain Chalmers

EASE-Forum digest

December 2003–March 2004. Elise Langdon-Neuner (compiler)

Neglectable — Eutrophy and census: nouns turned verbs? — US embargo on articles from the “axis of evil” — Di lemmas for authors and editors writing for their own journals — Seeing patients’ photographs: an ethical problem? — Requests to complete questionnaires and comment on draft codes of con duct — Joining the forum

From the literature

Unscientific biases in peer review. Karen Shashok

Book reviews

Lynne Truss: Eats, shoots & leaves: the zero tolerance approach to punctuation (reviewed by John Glen)

George M Hall (ed.): How to write a pa per, 3rd ed. (reviewed by John Kirkman)

Yateendra Joshi: Communicating in style (reviewed by AJ (Tom) van Loon)

News from the Programme Committee

Rereshed from Bath — heading for Kraków culture. AJ (Tom) van Loon

Regular features

The Editors’ WebWatch. Moira Vekony

News Notes. Margaret Cooter

Forthcoming meetings, courses and BELS examinations

The Editor’s Bookshelf. Jane Moody

Membership list additions and changes

Membership of EASE [membership information and application form]