May 2008; 34(2)


Participating in ESOF. Mercè Piqueras


Functional use of frequently and infrequently cited articles in citing publications: a content analysis of citations to articles with low and high citation counts. Lutz Bornmann, Hans-Dieter Daniel


Preserving the hidden heritage of scientific research institutions. Paola de Castro
How to reject a statistical paper. Marcin Kozak

Editing around the world

Raising the visibility of “small journals”: the Venezuelan Association of Biomedical Journal Editors (ASERME). Herbert Stegemann

Reports of meetings

Publication metrics and delivering ROI on publications planning. Moira Johnson-Vekony

From the literature

Software for detecting plagiarism and redundant publication. Liz Wager

Book reviews

Thomas A Lang, Michelle Secic: How to Report Statistics in Medicine, 2nd edition (Ed Hull)
Matthew Stevens: Subtleties of Scientific Style. Colin Batchelor

Regular features

EASE-Forum Digest, December 2007 to March 2008. Elise Langdon-Neuner (compiler)
The Editors’  WebWatch. Colin Batchelor (compiler)
News Notes. Richard Hurley
The Editor’s Bookshelf. Paola De Castro (compiler)
Forthcoming meetings, courses, and BELS examinations
EASE Business
Meeting with a Chinese delegation. Joan Marsh and Sheilla Evered