May 2009; 35(2)


Walking the ethereal line – one spirit’s musings on ghostwriting. Moira Johnson-Vekon


What’s in a picture? The temptation of image manipulation. Mike Rossner, Kenneth M Yamada
Commentary: Imagipulate or perish? Marcin Kozak

Essays in editing

How should we punctuate lists? James Hartley

Editing around the world

Scientific publishing in Armenia. Tigran Zargaryan, Alan Hopkinson


The international language of science. Stephen Lock
 Important problems to be solved. Sylwia Ufnalska

Book reviews

Richard Dawkins. The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing (reviewed by Elise Langdon-Neuner).

Mark Ware: ALPSP Survey of Librarians on Factors in Journal Cancellation (reviewed by Yateendra Joshi)
Tim Albert: Write Effectively: A Quick Course for Busy Health Workers (reviewed by Renata Solimini)

Regular features

EASE-Forum Digest, December 2008 to March 2009. Elise Langdon-Neuner (compiler)
My Life as an Editor: Yateendra Joshi
This Site I Like. Moira Johnson-Vekony (compiler)
News Notes. Richard Hurley (compiler)
The Editor’s Bookshelf. Penny Hubbard and Paola De Castro (compilers)
Forthcoming meetings, courses, and BELS examinations

EASE business

Nominations for Council 2009-2012
Pisa conference update
Membership changes
New member of Publications Committee

Occasional features

Technical Tips: Spelling out abbreviations in a Word file. Margaret Cooter