May 2014;40(2)

Table of Contents [PDF]


Editing Croatian scholarly journals: achievements and challenges. Armen Yuri Gasparyan [PDF]

Original articles

Composition of editorial boards and peer review policies of Croatian journals indexed in Web of Science and Scopus. Ana Utrobičić; Josip Šimić; Mario Malički, Matko Marušić, Ana Marušić [PDF] [resumen espagnol]


Editorials and cascading peer review . Ernesto Galbán-Rodríguez; Ricardo Arencibia-Jorge [PDF] [resumen espagnol]
Losing the numbers game: abundant journal self-citations put journals at risk for a life without Impact Factor. Frank-Thorsten Krell [PDF] [resumen espagnol]
Representation of low- and middle-income countries on Editorial Boards of psychiatry journals. Joan Marsh [PDF]
English as the lingua franca of science – a difficult language by any standard. Denys Wheatley [PDF]
Apostrophes: feeling possessive? Richard A C Clark [PDF] [resumen espagnol]

Book review

A scholar’s guide to getting published in English critical choices and practical strategies. Christiaan Sterken [PDF]

This Site I Like

Hrčak: The portal for Croatian scientific journals. Silvia Maina [PDF]


Nancy Morris. Nadia Slow; Maeve O’Connor [PDF]

Regular features

My life as an Editor: Ana Marušić [PDF]
News Notes. John Hilton [PDF]
The Editor’s Bookshelf. Anna Maria Rossi [PDF]
Correspondence [PDF]