May 2015; 41(2)

Table of contents [PDF]

Original article

The increasing pseudodignification of medical prose. Neville W Goodman [PDF]

Reports of meetings

2015 European Meeting of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals. Celeste Williams-Hughes [PDF]

ACSE workshop for journal editors: Journal policies and publication ethics. Nida Mohsin [PDF]
Focus on Training. Paola DeCastro [PDF]


The scientific journal: past and present. Eva Baranyiová [PDF]


The importance of legal regulation for scientific journals. Matko Marušić [PDF]
Connecting researchers and research – investing in infrastructure to bring efficiencies to research ORCID as an enabler of better research analytics. Liz Allen [PDF]
Scientific journals in the Humanities: preserve national and go international. Ida Raffaelli [PDF]


Out with the old, in with the new – words and phrases in fashion. Denys Wheatley [PDF]


Book reviews

The Elements of English Editing. A Guideline to Clear Writing. Elizabeth Heseltine [PDF]
Scientific Writing for Impact Factor Journals. Ed Hull [PDF]

This site I like

Coursera: when learning never ends. Silvia Maina [PDF]

Regular features

EASE-Forum digest: December 2014 to March 2015 [PDF]
News notes. John Hilton [PDF]
The editor’s bookshelf. Anna Maria Rossi [PDF]
Correspondence [PDF]