November 2007; 33(4)


Keep your hands off our impact factors. Arjan K S Polderman 
EASE Statement on inappropriate use of impact factor
No help yet from the EU. Roderick Hunt


Abstracts of research articles: problems of translation. Sylwia B Ufnalska

Editing around the world

National journals of Aotearoa New Zealand – open access or perish? Robert Lynch

Reports of meetings

From practice to impact: consequences of knowledge dissemination.   Elisabetta Poltronieri

From the literature

Improving journals' instructions for authors. Liz Wager

EASE Forum digest

June – September 2007. Elise Langdon-Neuner (compiler)

Film review

Helvetica. reviewed by Sally Carter

Regular features

The Editors' WebWatch. Colin Batchelor (compiler)
News Notes. Richard Hurley
News from Editing Societies. Jane Sykes
Forthcoming meetings, courses and BELS examinations
The Editor's Bookshelf. Paola De Castro (compiler)
 EASE Business