November 2009; 35(4)

EASE Conference report

Integrity in science communication. Dario Sambunjak, Richard Hurle

Essays in editing

Morals and scientific publishing. Paul Evans
Text-table: an undervalued and underused tool for communicating information.  Marcin Kozak

Editing around the world

AuthorAid in the Eastern Mediterranean: a communication bridge between mainstream and emerging research communities. Karen Shashok


There are times when the bottom line should be the top line! Moira Johnson


The tower that should not have been built; the paper that should not have been published. Stuart Handysides
Is your website working hard enough? Emma Campbell

Reports of meetings

The future of scientific publishing. Juliet Walker

Book reviews

Eric Lichtfouse: Rédiger pour être publié ! Conseils pratiques pour les scientifiques. Christine Rawski
DE Matthews and BT Farewell: Using and understanding medical statistics, 4th ed. Arjan Polderman
John D Barrow: Cosmic imagery: key images in the history of science. Tony Wallis

Regular features

EASE-Forum Digest, June to September 2009. Elise Langdon-Neuner (compiler)
My Life as an Editor: Ele Ferraninni
News Notes. Richard Hurley (compiler)
The Editor’s Bookshelf . Penny Hubbard and Paola De Castro (compilers)
Forthcoming meetings, courses, and BELS examinations

EASE business

Nominations for Council, Positions vacant, Membership changes, Pisa update, Members’ news