November 2011; 37(4)


Combining science editors’ and clinicians’ efforts to advance writing and editing skills. Armen Yuri Gasparyan [PDF]


Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence: encouraging gender analyses in scholarly publications. Mirjam J Curno, Shirin Heidari [PDF]

Editing around the world

Scientific publishing in a small country: an Estonian perspective. Jüri Engelbrecht [PDF]

Scientific editing in Bosnia and Herzegovina: a personal journey. Izet Masic [PDF]

Scientific medical journals in Turkey: current state and goals. Sezer Uysal, Canan Coker [PDF]

Reports of meetings

Hot topics in medical journalism: Shiraz University of Medical Sciences hosts another successful seminar. Mahboobeh Yadollahie [PDF]

Summer School of Scientific Communication: where research is one and not polarised into science or humanities. Ana Marušić [PDF]

Science as a public enterprise. Iain Chalmers [PDF]

Regular features

EASE-Forum Digest, June to September 2011. Elise Langdon-Neuner (compiler) [PDF]

News Notes. John Hilton [PDF]

The Editor’s Bookshelf. Anna Maria Rossi (compiler) [PDF]

EASE business [PDF]

Forthcoming meetings, courses, and BELS examinations [PDF]