Ana Jiménez Rivero

Ana Jiménez-Rivero

Lecturer and trainer
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Ana Jiménez-Rivero, PhD, believes in a better future and in the ideas of researchers to build it. That is why she helps scientific authors make their ideas heard and understood so that together they can change our future. Lecturer and creator of the Scientific Storyline course for clear academic writing. Since 2017, Ana has assisted, coached, and trained hundreds of scientific authors on reaching more readers, with a particular focus on high-impact scientific writing and publishing.

Scientific author since 2014 and PhD since 2016. During her PhD research (2012-2016), Ana was invited to undertake research in University of California, Berkeley, the United States (2014-2015); and TU Delft, The Netherlands (2016). Ana holds a PhD in Technological Innovation in Building Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain).

Ana loves teaching, learning and singing.

Member of the EASE Training Committee.

Take a look at her open-access content on scientific writing and publishing for authors in LinkedIn and her YouTube channel!

[Updated: 24th February 2022]