Anamarija Kurilić

Full professor
University of Zadar


Prof. Anamarija Kurilić, Full professor

Anamarija Kurilić is the editor-in-chief and one of the founders of the scholarly journal “Miscellanea Hadriatica et Mediterranea” ( published by the Department of History (University of Zadar). Her previous editorial experiences include various activities for the scholarly journal “Radovi Filozofskog fakulteta u Zadru” (

She obtained her BAs in Archaeology and Italian language and literature from Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar (Croatia), the Master of sciences degree in Archaeology from University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), and the PhD degree in Ancient history from Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar (Croatia).

She is a Full Professor of Ancient History at the Department of History, University of Zadar, Croatia (former Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar); in addition, she is the Head of the Doctoral School of Humanities at the same university.

Her research interests are in Latin epigraphy and anthroponymy, ancient social, economic and military history, demographic changes, classical archaeology of ancient Dalmatia, ancient cemeteries and tombs, and similar.

In 2014 Matica hrvatska awarded her with “Zlatna povelja” (“Golden Charter”) for the monograph “Arheološka karta otoka Paga”.