Aylin Sepici Dincel

Academic Staff
Gazi University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Biochemistry


Aylin Sepici Dinçel, MD, PhD is Professor of Biochemistry, completed her studies in Medicine at the University of Gazi, Turkey in 1993. She did her PhD at the Department of Medical Biochemistry, Gazi University in the field of diabetes and biochemical alterations during treatments (2000). She has been working at Gazi University Faculty of Medicine since 2005 and an executive board member of the Turkish Biochemical Society since 2015. She is the head of the Body Fluids Working Group of Turkish Biochemical Society, vice editor of Turkish Journal of Biochemistry, Turkish Ambassador of FEBS Education Committee, corresponding member of the IFCC Congresses and Conferences Committee and IFCC Committee on Bone Metabolism. She is the thematic field coordinator of toxicology, which started in 2019 within the scope of Council of Higher Education 100/2000 Scholarship.
Her main research interests include bone markers in hip fracture and bone healing mechanisms, risk assessment tools by biochemical markers and both graduate and undergraduate biochemistry laboratory education.