Elisa De Ranieri

Director of Author Experience
Cell Press


Elisa is Director of Author Experience at Cell Press. She joined Cell Press as Head of Research Integrity and Author Experience in 2021 and was promoted to Director in 2023. In her role, she is responsible for managing a team of cross-journal editors that support the Cell Press portoflio and she oversees the activities of Cell Press Multi-Journal Submissions. She also supports Cell Pres editors with the resolution of research integrity cases and the development of editorial policy, and leads projects to improve the author experience, such as improving our workflows and messaging, and supporting authors transferring their papers. She also oversees projects aimed at improving peer review and making it more transparent.

Before Cell Press, Elisa worked at Springer Nature for 9 years in various roles. She joined Springer Nature in 2012 as an Assistant Editor for Nature Communications, then moved to Nature Nanotechnology in 2013 where she became a Senior Editor in 2015, before moving to Nature Energy, all the while handling manuscripts on applied physics. In 2016 she became the Head of Editorial Process and Data Analytics for the Nature journals, where she was responsible for providing data on journal performance, implementing editorial policy and improving editorial processes. Finally, in 2019, she re-joined Nature Communications as Editor in Chief, overseeing the journal strategy and operations, and managing a team of over 100 professional editors.

Before her editorial career, Elisa worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory for 2 years after obtaining a PhD in physics from the University of Cambridge in 2010. Her background is in electronic engineering and physics.

Elisa joined the EASE Council in January 2024, and is part of the EASE EDI Committee since 2021.



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