Jyotirmoy Chaudhuri

Freelance editor


Jyotirmoy Chaudhuri is an independent editor and the co-author of Gas Wars: Crony Capitalism and the Ambanis (2014). He helps authors all over the world with their research papers, medical articles, and non-fiction texts over a wide subject area. He is a member of the Indian Copyeditors Forum and the European Association of Science Editors.

Over two decades as a language professional, Jyotirmoy has edited and produced books on the environment, military, start-ups, social studies, public relations, and management. His editorial oeuvre also spans travel, memoirs, and fiction.

Previously, Jyotirmoy worked with India’s leading non-governmental organisation on environmental issues, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, where he assisted with the 5th Citizen’s Report on the State of India’s Environment (1997). He has also worked on the desk at Down To Earth, CSE’s premier environment and science fortnightly. Later, he joined CSE’s Media Resource Centre, contributing to the publication of the monumental two-volume 7th State of India’s Environment Report (2012).

Jyotirmoy was also engaged with the Centre for Armed Forces and Historical Research, New Delhi, as a researcher and copy editor for a volume on the history of the Indian Army. Later, he served as an associate editor at Vayu Aerospace and Defence Review, an aviation and defence trade publication.

As an editorial consultant, Jyotirmoy has played a pivotal role in shaping many publications at AuthorsUpfront and Let’s Author, two leading publishing platforms from India. Jyotirmoy was a research assistant and editor supporting Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, one of India’s leading journalists and former editor of the Economic and Political Weekly, in the period 2012 to 2016, when Gas Wars was given shape and various other books were published under a joint Paranjoy-AuthorsUpfront imprint.

A keen linguaphile, Jyotirmoy has a master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Delhi. Jyotirmoy operates his editorial practice from jcedits.com and can be contacted at [email protected].