Larissa M. Fedorova

Agricultural Biology Editorial Office, NPO

Russian Federation

Born in Ukraine (the Donetsk Region) (1953).

Graduated from the Department of Virology (Faculty of Biology and Soil Science) of Lomonosov Moscow State University (1975) (Hons.).

Postgraduate at Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Microorganisms (GNIIgenetika, Moscow) (1975-1979).

PhD thesis «Phenotypic expression of Bacillus pumilus cryptic plasmid pPl 7065» was defended at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Genetics (1987).

Posts held:
Scientific editor, senior scientific editor, Head of Editorial group at All-Union Publishing House «Kolos»/«Agropromizdat». Senior researcher at Biotechnology Department of Timiryazev Moscow Agricultural Academy.
Chief of Editorial and Assistant Department of the Upminster Trading Co. (UK, Moscow office).
Editor-in Chief of the Internet be-to-be project «Medical Technologies in Russia» (MEDTEX.RU, Since 2007, the editor-in-chief of «Agricultural Biology» journal.