Madeleine McMullen

Editor manager


Madeleine studied Biology followed by a MSc in Environmental Technology (Health Option) both at Imperial College, London. She then nearly started a PhD in air pollution modelling, but the funding didn’t all come through, so she went to work at IC Consultants as a project manager and editor. Quarter of a century later she still isn’t sure if this was a missed opportunity or a lucky escape! She worked in London for 3 years, mainly on projects linked to pollution and one of her most striking work memories is going to meet an expert on wastewater in Brussels who had just moved office and was highly surprised that over half his files never showed up. He had labelled them as ‘waste’!

Madeleine then moved to France and worked for 3 years as a medical writer in the field of oncology. This was a fascinating job but not ideal for her work-life balance, so following the arrival of her second child she changed jobs to undertake a part-time job as Assistant Editor at the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) in Paris. She subsequently became Managing Editor of the EPPO Bulletin. 16 years later she is still at EPPO, now also working in Diagnostics and serving as Staff Representative.

Madeleine has been a loyal EASE member for more than 10 years. She took on the role of EASE news editor in February 2024.