The Science Editor - Dr Matthew Grimshaw

Matthew Grimshaw

Science Editor


Dr Matthew Grimshaw is an experienced research scientist and scientific editor with experience in a wide range of fields, including health and biological sciences, as well as economics, business, and finance. As well as his expertise in editing and publishing, Dr Grimshaw has an in-depth understanding of the scientific method and data analysis and can assess your project, solve problems, and suggest ways to improve your research.

Matthew hold a first-class degree in biochemistry and a PhD in molecular biology and has worked in a number of universities in Australia and the UK, including Imperial College London, Cancer Research UK and King’s College, as well as with pharma and biotech companies in the UK and USA.

Having left the laboratory in 2011, Dr Grimshaw has worked as a freelance editor of scientific manuscripts and articles for both expert and lay audiences. Matthew is also an accomplished scientific writer and science consultant. Although his major area of research in the lab is molecular biology and translational oncology, Matthew is comfortable working within many fields of biology and medicine.