Müge Atakan

Trakya University International Relations Office


Müge Atakan is lecturer in Trakya University, Turkey. She is a assistant editor in Journal of Social Sciences, Journal of Balkan Libraries Union (BLUJ), Journal of Quality and Strategy Management and Journal of Sex and Gender Studies (under establishment). At the same time she is the assistant coordinator of Scientific Journals Coordinatorship at Trakya University (Turkey).

She had translate “Sex and Gender Equity in Research: rationale for the SAGER guidelines and recommended use” to Turkish. She translated a part of Pippa Smart’s work “Handbook for Journal Editors” to Turkish. She attended the EASE Conference in Bucharest in 2018 with “Evaluation of The Transparency of The Peer-Review Process at Trakya University Journals”.

She was an organizing board member of “How to become successful authors and editors of scientific journals – 3rd International Symposium of Scientific Journals of Trakya University” which was endorsed by EASE. She continues her research and studies in the field of scientific publishing.