Rabii Noomene

Editor in Chief
Junior Medical Research Journal


Member of the european society of endoscopic surgery.

Dr.Rabii Noomene obtained his Medical degree from the faculty of medicine, Tunis Tunisia, in 2002. He fulfilled his national medical services as a hospital medical practitioner. He completed his training in general and gastro-intestinal surgery at the Rabta hospital. He is currently a senior surgeon working at Al Emadi Hospital Doha-Qatar. He is an associate professor of surgery and anatomy teaching in the faculty of medicine and the health science high school Tunis Tunisia. He has authored over than 40 journal peer-reviewed publications. He is a regular reviewer and Editorial Board member in more than 12 journals.

Dr.Rabii led 10 fellow’s research thesis mostly about gastro-intestinal stromal tumors and abdominal Tuberculosis
Currently he is the editor in chief of junior medical journal