Sushil Kumar



Dr Sushil has recently (Spring 2023) established his own company to provide services to journal owners and academics, [

Dr Sushil Kumar was Deputy Dean of journals and publications at [Chitkara University Publications]((, Chandigarh, India until Spring 2023. He organized several national and international academic events as well as presenting his own research. He is the founding editor of the ‘Journal of Nuclear Physics, Material Sciences, Radiation and Applications’ since 2013.

Dr Sushil set up the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform for Chitkara University Publications. This role included managing indexing, formatting, publication policies, membership, digital marketing, SEO of research articles and journal management for all Open Access journals.

Additionally, Sushil aims to increase awareness about publication and research ethics among the scientific community, along with providing technical support and information about indexing, repositories, preprint archives, Open Access rights and licenses, and persistent Identifiers. Dr. Sushil is also a scientific blogger and has his own YouTube channel, with more than 75,300 subscribers, to share his learning and related information with the wider academic community.