Tea Tomljanović

Associate professor, Editor
University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture


Tea Tomljanović was born on 28.12.1974 in Split, Croatia. She obtained her diploma at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb in 2000, later in 2004. Master’s thesis in Fisheries, also at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb. In 2010, she completed her doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb. She focused on genetic differences between domestic and wild common carp populations in Croatia. In 2000 she started working as a junior research , in 2011 she was appointed as an assistant professor and is currently an associate professor at the Department of Fisheries, Apiculture, Wildlife Management and Special Zoology at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb.

Her scientific work focuses on molecular genetics in fisheries, ichthyology and aquaculture. She has been an active researcher in many fisheries projects on the following topics: Fish processing in family farms, protection of endemic fish species, monitoring of Croatian open waters, biodiversity of Euroasian freshwater fish species, fisheries management, genetics, nutrition and ecology in freshwater fisheries, influence of ecological parameters on ichthyofauna and introduction of new species into aquaculture. She is a reviewer for articles in 9 scientific journals indexed in the Web of Science.

As a researcher, she has participated in more than 10 scientific projects and seven scientific grants. She actively participates in international scientific and professional conferences and seminars at home and abroad. Her bibliography contains more than 100 entries, of which more than 65 are scientific papers. She was the supervisor of 3 PhD theses and 30 diploma theses.

Since 2016, she has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Croatian Journal of Fisheries.