Member webinar: ‘Deceptive journals and how to avoid them’

Date and time: Tuesday, 22 February 2022, 2pm-3pm (UK time)

Title: Deceptive journals and how to avoid them.

Session content:

  • What is predatory publishing? Definition and history
  • Examples of predatory journals
  • Reasons why predatory journals damage scholarly communications
  • How predatory journals trick authors
  • Need for ethical and critical thinking in conducting research
  • Using Cabells’ Predatory Reports database and other information sources
  • How to avoid predatory journals and optimise your publishing strategy
  • Final summary and Q&A

Who should attend: PhD students, Early Career Researchers; junior faculty members; librarians



Simon Linacre


Head of content, brand and press, Digital Science

Simon is currently Marketing Director at Cabells having spent 15 years in publishing at Emerald, where he had direct experience in journal acquisitions, open access and business development. His background is in journalism and he has been published in academic journals on the topics of bibliometrics and publication ethics. Simon is also a Trustee of COPE and tutor at ALPSP. He holds Masters degrees in Philosophy and International Business and has global experience lecturing to researchers on publishing strategy.

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