The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) is an international community of individuals and associations from diverse backgrounds, linguistic traditions and professional experiences in science communication and editing.

EASE Handbook (Second Edition) Full Table of Contents

Introduction to the 2nd edition of the EASE Science Editors’ Handbook

About the Editors

Introduction to the 2002 edition

Section 1: Editing

1.1: Copy-editing scientific papers (Maeve O’Connor, Margaret Cooter, Sylwia B. Ufnalska)

1.2: Editing texts by non-native speakers of English (Joy Burrough-Boenisch)

1.3: Increasing your editing efficiency by using macros (Paul Beverley)

1.4: Using units and quantities correctly (Arjan K.S. Polderman)

1.5: Numerals (John W. Glen, Arie A. Manten)

1.6: Layout and principles of lists (A.J. (Tom) van Loon)

1.7: Symbols for physical quantities (Göran I. Ågren)

1.8: References (Elisabeth Heseltine)

1.9: Editing and design of tables (Yateendra Joshi)

1.10: Editing graphs (Naomi B. Robbins)

1.11: Last but not least – the index (Ann Kingdom)

1.12: Career and personal development for editors (Pippa Smart, Tim Albert)

Section 2: Nomenclature and terminology

2.1: Nomenclature and typography in chemistry and pharmacy (Arjan K.S. Polderman)

2.2: Anatomical nomenclature (Jenny Gretton)

2.3: Bacteriological nomenclature (Mercè Piqueras, Ricardo Guerrero)

2.4: Virus nomenclature (Jens H. Kuhn)

2.5: Best practice in the use of the scientific names of animals (David G. Notton, Ellinor Michel, Natalie Dale-Skey, Svetlana Nikolaeva, Steven Tracey)

2.6: Scientific names of algae, fungi, and plants (David L. Hawksworth)

2.7: Mineralogical nomenclature (Andrew M. Clark)

2.8: Nomenclature of igneous rocks (A.J. (Tom) van Loon)

2.9: Nomenclature of sedimentary rocks (A.J. (Tom) van Loon)

2.10: Nomenclature of metamorphic rocks (A.J. (Tom) van Loon)

2.11: Stratigraphic nomenclature (A.J. (Tom) van Loon)

Section 3: Policies and processes

3.1: Facing the void: editorial policies (Elise Langdon-Neuner)

3.2: Today’s hot topics in editorial policy ( Elise Langdon-Neuner)

3.3: Establishing a new journal (Matko Marušić, Ana Marušić, Ruth King)

3.4: Editorial boards (Irene Hames)

3.5: Organizing the editorial board and office (Matko Marušić, Ana Marušić)

3.6: Scientific authorship (Ana Marušić, Matko Marušić)

3.7: Instructions to authors (Elisabeth Heseltine)

3.8: Editorial processing of manuscripts and proofs (Pamela Lepkowski, Mark E. Schweitzer)

3.9: Book reviews (James Hartley)

Section 4: Peer review

4.1: Peer review at the beginning of the 21st century (Irene Hames)

4.2: Working with peer reviewers (Nikki Lazenby, Ashlie Carlson)

4.3: Peer review reports as a tool for improving a journal (Michael Willis, Elizabeth Blalock)

4.4: Peer review systems (Elizabeth Wager)

4.5: The changing face of peer review (Irene Hames)

Section 5: Ethics

5.1: Dealing with fraud (Elizabeth Wager)

5.2: Images in figures: quality control and managing illegitimate image manipulation (David L. Vaux)

5.3: Conflicts of interest in biomedical publications (Hervé Maisonneuve, Marc A. Rodwin)

5.4: Editors and commercial companies (Elizabeth Wager)

5.5: Plagiarism (Karen Shashok)

5.6: Reporting guidelines: a tool to increase completeness, transparency, and value of health research published in your journal (Iveta Simera)

5.7: Basic statistical reporting for articles published in clinical medical journals: the Statistical Analyses and Methods in the Published Literature, or SAMPL guidelines (Thomas A. Lang, Douglas G. Altmanv)

Section 6: Publishing and promoting

6.1: Requirements and preferences for the first page of journal articles (A.J. (Tom) van Loon)

6.2: Requirements and preferences for individual issues and entire volumes of printed journals (A.J. (Tom) van Loon)

6.3: Design: print and web (Manuella Walker)

6.4: Grey literature: challenges and responsibilities for authors and editors (Paola De Castro, Sandra Salinetti)

6.5: CrossRef DOIs and reference linking (Patricia Feeney)

6.6: Open access journals – it’s not all about free (Pippa Smart)

6.7: Legal issues: copyright, plagiarism, and other concerns (Pippa Smart)

6.8: Multidisciplinary bibliographic databases (Armen Yuri Gasparyan, Lilit Ayvazyan, George D. Kitas)

6.9: Bibliometrics for journal editors – an overview (Jenny Neophytou)

6.10: Promotion of journals, especially small scholarly journals (Ana Marušić, Matko Marušić)

6.11: Maximizing research visibility, impact, and citation: tips for editors and authors (Emma R. Norman)

6.12: Using social and traditional media to promote awareness of your publications (Sharon Mathelus, Jennifer Beal)