EASE launches new regional chapter for Germany

EASE is delighted to announce that it has recently approved a new regional chapter in Germany. Headed by Manu Goyal with support from Konstantina Falida and Hiu Wu, the Chapter seeks to support editors and publishers to make connections,  share knowledge and experiences, especially about new tools and innovations in academic publishing.

The idea of establishing a German Chapter was discussed during the 17th EASE Conference in Istanbul in June 2023. Since then, several discussions have been held between a small number of German EASE members and some other German editors. EASE already has 18 members from Germany but there is considerable scope to extend this.

Activities planned for the first year include:

  • Create a small leadership team of those willing to work on animating the community, growing the Chapter membership, and planning a program of events/activities. Jan-Feb 2024
  • Hold a welcome meeting, to which we would invite all EASE members in Germany and others in the scholarly editing and publishing community, to introduce the German Chapter, seek input from the community on their needs, and outline a program of activities for the initial months. Mid-Feb 2024
  • Organise a series of webinars in the first four months with local speakers on popular topics. Starting March 2024. Speakers have already been identified for the following topics:
    • The role of reviewers is to check the integrity of data to prevent fraud data publication
    • Importance of checking the manuscript in terms of papermill before sending it for peer review
    • How to choose the journal and prepare the manuscript
  • Animate German Chapter members and the wider community to participate in relevant EASE training, networking events, workshops, etc, especially the EASE Editorial School for Journal Editors. Feb-Mar 2024 and ongoing
  • Promote EASE Guidelines and resources. Ongoing


If you are working in Germany and would like to get involved please do get in touch with the EASE Secretary.