Council Members 2015-2018

EASE is managed by a Council that is elected every three years. The most elections for this board were held in September 2015.

Council consists of a President, a Vice-President and (at least) six members, plus the Editor of the association’s in-house journal (European Science Editing). The Council members (2015-2018) and their interests are listed below.





Professor Ana Marušic
Department of Research in Biomedicine and Health
University of Split School of Medicine
Split, Croatia
[email protected]


Pippa Smart




Pippa Smart
PSP Consultancy
Oxon, United Kingdom
Editor of the EASE Science Editors’ Handbook
[email protected]





Paola De Castro
Director of the Publishing Unit, National Institute of Health
Rome, Italy
[email protected]




Shirin Heidari
Journal of the International AIDS Society
Geneva, Switzerland
Chair of the EASE Gender Policy Committee
[email protected]




Sylwia Ufnalska, MSc MA
Science editor and translator
Poznan, Poland
Editor of the EASE Guidelines for Authors
[email protected]

Moira Hudson




Moira Hudson
Senior Medical Editor
ICON Health Economics and Epidemiology, Abingdon
[email protected]




Rachael Lammey
Product Manager
[email protected]




Ksenija Baždaric
Research fellow at the Department of Medical Informatics Rijeka University School of Medicine, Rijeka, Croatia
Chief Editor of the EASE journal European Science Editing
[email protected]




Duncan Nicholas
DN Journal Publishing Services, Brighton
EASE website manager and LinkedIn group manager
[email protected]




Ines Steffens
[email protected]

Past President




Joan Marsh
The Lancet,
United Kingdom
[email protected]

Treasurer and Company Secretary




Professor Roderick Hunt
Annals of Botany Company,
University of Exeter
Exeter, United Kingdom
[email protected]





Ms Tea Marasovic
EASE Secretariat
Split, Croatia
[email protected]