Paola de Castro

I have long experience in editorial activities within the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (, the National Institute of Health in Italy). I am currently the Head of the Publishing Unit and member of the editorial committees of its publications (Annali dell’Istituto Superiore di Sanità, a quarterly peer-reviewed science journal in English, a monthly newsletter in Italian, and different series of technical reports and monographs), and other journals.

I am the Coordinator of the NECOBELAC Project (, financed by the European Commission within the 7th Framework program – Science in Society for the years 2009-2012), involving the creation of a network between European and Latin American institutions to promote scientific writing and open access publishing. The project developed a train-the-trainer model to maximise its impact in a wide geographical area. In 2010-2011, over 30 training events were organized and ad hoc topic maps on scientific publication based on semantic web technologies were created in four languages to support training.

I am engaged in the organization of national and international exhibitions on public health issues, addressed to specialized staff and the general public. I am involved in a number of activities for the promotion of science culture in schools and run projects regarding the preservation of the historical heritage of scientific institutions (including scientific instruments, unpublished documents, pictures, oral memories).

I have written many articles on information transfer and research evaluation; I organize training courses and workshops on scientific writing and open access publishing, mainly addressed to researchers, post-doctorate fellows or health operators in Italy and Spanish/English speaking countries.


My interest in EASE

I started attending EASE Conferences in Budapest in 1994 and since then I have participated in almost all EASE Conferences and some workshops. I became a Member of the EASE Publication Committee in 2006 (attending all meetings in my term and coordinating the Bookshelf section of European Science Editing); I stepped down in 2010, but still support the Association's activities, working in close contact with some Council and Publication Committee members. I have published articles and notes in ESE and contributed with a chapter of the Science Editors' Handbook. I promoted the development of the EASE guidelines and contributed to their Italian translation and diffusion.  I started the EASE journal blog in 2006 and still act as administrator and contributor. I collaborated in the organization of  EASE events within ESOF (EuroScience Open Forum), taking part in the Barcelona Forum in 2007 and supporting the Torino Forum in 2010.  I was  a Member of the Programme Committee for the EASE Conference in Pisa in 2010.

I will be happy to contribute to further development of EASE in support of authors and editors and promote the Association at European and international level.

To know more about me, read “My life as an editor” published in ESE (November 2010 issue. p 117) when I stepped down from the EASE Publication Committee /pdfese/ESE_nov10.pdf.

 A list of publications is available from: