Russian Regional Chapter

The Russian chapter of EASE was formed at the end of 2012 after meetings in Moscow between representatives of the Russian scientific journals: Journal of Economy and EntrepreneurshipJournal of International Scientific ResearchJournal of Reputiology. The original chairman was Dr Sergey Gorin, supported by vice chair, Dr Alexey Gerasimov.

In 2020, Elena Tikhonova took over as chair and Olga Kirillova as vice chair, and the aims of the Chapter were updated.

Aims and objectives

  • to raise awareness of the profession of science editing and facilitate interaction among science editors within Russia.
  • to promote awareness and use within Russia of the EASE Science Editors’ Handbook.
  • to organize thematic meetings with editors of scientific journals published in Russia.
  • to participate in EASE and ASEP conferences.
  • to develop academic literacy among Russian researchers.
  • to involve journal editors in creating a culture of peer-reviewing in Russia.