Session 6: Quality requires investment, who pays?

Friday 2 June 2023 – 4.30pm-5.30pm (Turkish time)

In this session, we spoke about different journal business models, how to run a successful sustainable journal, what are the most common practices in open access publishing, which changes Plan S implementation will bring, and how can government and institutions support scientific publishing, especially in open access.


Jadranka Stojanovski

Associate professor, University of Zadar / Ruđer Bošković InstituteCroatia

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Session 6.1: ‘The business models of open access. Who pays?’

The world is moving to open access becoming the default, driven forwards by initiatives such as Plan S and the Action Plan for Diamond Open Access. There has been an explosion in open access content published worldwide, which has led to greater equitable access to research but has also introduced new business models. Is it possible to have a sustainable, equitable model for research where authors can publish their work, without having to pay high fees, while retaining ownership? In this session, Dominic shares his thoughts on trends around journal business models that DOAJ sees when processing and reviewing applications, and show why it’s important that DOAJ remains impartial.


Session 6.2: Do APCs impact the quality of submissions

Medwave is an independent, self-published, fully bilingual medical journal based in Santiago, Chile. This panel presentation describes the journey to achieve financial sustainability in a region that is used to free and open access scholarly publishing.



Vivienne Bachelet

Associate Professor, Universidad de Santiago de Chile Chile

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Session 6.3: Government support for journals/researchers


Johan Rooryck

Executive Director, COAlition SFrance

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