Scientific Programme

The Conference was held from Thursday, 1 June to Saturday, 3 June, with the first keynote presentation at 5pm on June 1, following the General Assembly.

Please note, this programme is in Istanbul time.


3.00pm-4.00pm    EASE General Assembly and AGM

4.00pm-4.30pm    What’s new at EASE?

4.30pm-5.00pm    Tea break

Session 1 – Keynote presentation: Scientific publishing: quality, ethics and integrity – what does good science publishing look like?

Chair: Cem Uzun, Koç University School of Medicine, Turkey
Speaker: Dr Joan Marsh, Lancet Psychiatry, UK

6.00pm-7.00pm     Welcome Reception, announcement of the Poster competition winners


Session 2 – What does quality mean for publishers, editors and authors and are we aligned?

Chair: Mary Miskin, The Charlesworth Group, UK
Speakers: Joe Krumpfer, Wiley, UK;  Matthew Woodcock, Cambridge University Press, UK; George Vousden, PLOS ONE, UK; Dr Ilana Kolodkin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

10.15am-10.55am Break
A chance for in-person delegates to chat over coffee and croissants, while online delegates mingle in our virtual conference hall on our GatherTown platform

Session 3 – Why are we doing it this way? Auditing journal best practices

Chair: Meghan McDevitt, Managing Editor, Origin Editorial, USA
Speakers: Juanita Goossens-Roach, Cambridge University Press & Assessment, UK; Stephanie Kinnan, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, USA

11.35am-11.45am Comfort break – A short break with no refreshments

Session 4 – Quality publishing needs quality people

Chair: Professor Ana Marušić, University of Split School of Medicine, Croatia
Speakers: Mrs Pippa Smart, PSP Consulting, UK; Ms Marion Thibaudeau, Elsevier, The Netherlands; Dr Are Brean, Norwegian Medical Journal, Norway; Dr Jeremy Y. Ng, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Canada

1.00pm-2.30pm Lunch

Session 5 – Peer review

Transparency in peer review
Chair: Dr Bahar Mehmani, Elsevier, The Netherlands
Speakers: Tony Ross-Hellauer, Graz University of Technology, Austria; Misha Teplitski, University of Michigan, USA; Alessio Bolognesi, eLife, UK

Ethics of peer review and when things go wrong
Chair: Mario Malički, Stanford University, USA
Speakers: Daniel Stuckey, Elsevier, UK; Thomas Hunter, Frontiers, UK; Dr Catriona MacCallum, Hindawi Ltd, UK

4.00pm-4.30pm Tea break

Session 6 – Quality requires investment, who pays?

Chair: Professor Jadranka Stojanovski, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Speakers: Dr Vivienne Bachelet, Universidad de Santiago, Chile; Johan Rooryck, cOAlition S, Belgium; Dominic Mitchell, DOAJ, Sweden


Session 7 – Digital tools to help

Chair: Octavian Andronic, Carol Davila of Medicine, Romania
Speakers: Camelia Diaconu, Archives of the Balkan Medical Union, Romania; Gareth Dyke, Research Square, Hungary; John Willinsky, PKP, USA; Rachael Lammey, Crossref, UK

10.15am-11.00pm Coffee break and networking

Session 8 – Journal performance beyond the impact factor

Chair: Yaiza del Pozo Martin, Lancet Haematology, Spain
Speakers: Cristina Huidiu, Elsevier, The Netherlands; James Butcher, Journalology, UK; Juliet Dobson, BMJ, UK

Presentation from Premier Sponsors, Elsevier – Scopus and Quality Metrics

Speaker: Tayfun Basal, Regional Director for Elsevier, Türkiye, Iran, Middle East and Central Asia

Poster presentations


12.45pm-2.00pm Lunch

Session 9 – Quality metrics requirements for indexing

Chair: Marta Colomer Lluch, MDPI, Spain
Speakers: Mireia Guardingo, Clarivate, Spain; Tracy Chen, Elsevier, China; Enric Sayas, MDPI, Spain

3.00pm-3.30pm Tea break

Session 10 – Debate – Open access will reduce quality publishing

Chair: Joan Marsh, Lancet Psychiatry, UK
Proposer: Pippa Smart, PSP Consulting, UK; Opposer: Matt Hodgkinson, UKRIO, UK

Closing remarks

EASE President 2023-25


Conference close