VC2020 EASE Forum Live!

The EASE Forum Live! sessions were held during the main conference. EASE group of approximately 20 participants considered a particular topic, with a moderator to lead the discussion..

The topics were:

  1. How can we avoid lowering the quality of peer review at times of crisis? 
    Moderator: Prof Flaminio Squazzoni, University of Milan, Italy
    Co-moderator: Mr Michael Willis, Wiley, UK
  2. How can we help non-native English authors to publish in English?
    Moderator: Dr Fiona Murphy, Murphy Mitchell Consulting Ltd, UK
    Co-moderator Phill Jones, Double L Digital, UK
  3. How can we help authors to better illustrate their results (tables and figures)?
    Moderator: Mr Tom Lang, Tom Lang Communications & Training International, USA
    Co-moderator: Alice Ellingham, Editorial Office Ltd, UK
  4. How do we ensure the integrity of the published record and prevent misconduct?
    Moderator: Prof. Ana Marusic, Editor in Chief, Journal of Global Health
    Co-moderator: Prof. Ksenija Bazdaric, Rijeka Univ. School of Medicine, Croatia
  5. How can we use social media responsibly in times of crisis?
    Moderator: Mr Duncan Nicholas, DN Journals, UK
    Co-moderator: Jo Havemann, Access2Perspectives
  6. What editorial lessons have we learned during the past 6 months?
    Moderator: Mrs Pippa Smart, EASE President, UK
    Co-moderator: Rachael Lammey, Crossref, UK
  7. Should we change our author guidelines to respond to crises and hot topics?
    Moderator: Mrs Kim Eggleton, IOP Publishing, UK
    Co-moderator: Delyth Davies, IOP Publishing, UK
  8. How best to promote gender, cultural and geographic diversity in scientific journals?
    Moderator: Dr Joan Marsh, Lancet Psychiatry, UK
    Co-moderator: Dr Shirin Heidari, Switzerland