The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) is an international community of individuals and associations from diverse backgrounds, linguistic traditions and professional experiences in science communication and editing.

VC2020 EASE Forum Live!

The EASE Forum Live! sessions were held during the main conference. EASE group of approximately 20 participants considered a particular topic, with a moderator to lead the discussion..

The topics were:

  1. How can we avoid lowering the quality of peer review at times of crisis? 
    Moderator: Prof Flaminio Squazzoni, University of Milan, Italy
    Co-moderator: Mr Michael Willis, Wiley, UK
  2. How can we help non-native English authors to publish in English?
    Moderator: Dr Fiona Murphy, Murphy Mitchell Consulting Ltd, UK
    Co-moderator Phill Jones, Double L Digital, UK
  3. How can we help authors to better illustrate their results (tables and figures)?
    Moderator: Mr Tom Lang, Tom Lang Communications & Training International, USA
    Co-moderator: Alice Ellingham, Editorial Office Ltd, UK
  4. How do we ensure the integrity of the published record and prevent misconduct?
    Moderator: Prof. Ana Marusic, Editor in Chief, Journal of Global Health
    Co-moderator: Prof. Ksenija Bazdaric, Rijeka Univ. School of Medicine, Croatia
  5. How can we use social media responsibly in times of crisis?
    Moderator: Mr Duncan Nicholas, DN Journals, UK
    Co-moderator: Jo Havemann, Access2Perspectives
  6. What editorial lessons have we learned during the past 6 months?
    Moderator: Mrs Pippa Smart, EASE President, UK
    Co-moderator: Rachael Lammey, Crossref, UK
  7. Should we change our author guidelines to respond to crises and hot topics?
    Moderator: Mrs Kim Eggleton, IOP Publishing, UK
    Co-moderator: Delyth Davies, IOP Publishing, UK
  8. How best to promote gender, cultural and geographic diversity in scientific journals?
    Moderator: Dr Joan Marsh, Lancet Psychiatry, UK
    Co-moderator: Dr Shirin Heidari, Switzerland