Russian Regional Chapter – Virtual Conference Session

EASE Virtual Conference, 11-12 June 2020
The EASE Russian Chapter’s session in Russian via Zoom
Editors and Editing in Times of Crisis

Date: Thursday, 11 June 2020 Time: 10am-4pm Moscow time

The session begun by asking the speakers about their experiences during the pandemic period and discovering the opinions of the various stakeholders. This was followed by a discussion about the possible aspects of their experience regarding ethics, public use, medical health, science and journal development.

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Elena Tikhonova
Deputy Editor-in-Chief | Journal of Language and Education
E-mail: [email protected]

Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Birukou A. (Executive Editor | Springer-Verlag GmbH)
Technical aspects of multi-language publishing – how to link DOI properly

Kirillova O. (Head of the RASEP; Editor-in-Chief | Science Editor and Publisher)
Impact of the crisis on the preparation of the journal for expert review to be included in Scopus

Kuleshova A. (Head of the Council on the Ethics of Scientific Publications; Managing Editor | Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes Journal
Experience of the Council on Ethics of Scientific Publications: specifics, problems, challenges (RASEP)

Mitrofanov M. (Partner’s Program Manager | NEICON)
Neuroassistant as a tool for the development of a scientific journal

Podchinenov A. (Director | Publishing House of the Ural Federal University)
Institutional support for journal development

Popova N. (Associate Editor | Changing Societies & Personalities)
Organization of interpreter’s activities in the editorial office of the journal

Tikhonova E. (Deputy Editor-in-Chief | Journal of Language and Education)
Institute of peer-review in Russia. The influence of “low-quality” review on the author’s self-perception 

Stepanova E. (Editor-in-Chief | Journal “Changing Societies & Personalities)

Tugel I. (Editor-in-Chief | Journal “R-economy”)
Publishing journal in English: specific approach, advantages and limitations (comparison of three journals with different subject fields)