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Croatian EASE Chapter/CROASC – satellite session to 16th EASE Conference

Wednesday, 6 July 2022 from 3pm-5.30pm (CEST)

Croatian EASE Chapter and Croatian Association for Scholarly Communication (CROASC or ZNAK in Croatian) organised an online satellite session dedicated to the 16th EASE General Assembly and Conference: The manuscript journey: the editors’ perspective (24-26 June 2022, Valencia and online). It covered the topic of social networking platforms used by Croatian scientific journals, editors and scientists. The session was held in Croatian.



3.00−3.45 pm CEST Dalibor Jakus (PR/ZNAK): Challenges of online scientific communication (lecture)

3.45−4.00 pm CEST Danijel Namjesnik (University of Zagreb/Croatica Chemica Acta/ZNAK): The usage of social networking platforms by Croatian scientific journals and editors (survey)

4.00-5.00 pm CEST The usage of social networking platforms by scientific journals, editors and scientists in Croatia (panel discussion)

5.00-5.30 pm CEST Q&A and final discussion



Drahomira Cupar (University of Zadar/Libellarium/EASE/ZNAK)


Challenges of online scientific communication

The lecture will give an overview of the challenges of online scientific communication and the potential of digital media and platforms for communication between scientists and targeted public. The examples will be given, showing the best practices, and new standards in online communication will be shown and their transparency, authenticity, dialogical approach to participation and ethical considerations will be questioned.


Izazovi online znanstvene komunikacije

Predavanje će dati pregled izazova online znanstvene komunikacije te potencijala digitalnih medija i platformi za komunikaciju između znanstvenika i ciljane javnosti. Navest će se primjeri najboljih praksi i novi standardi online komunikacije, te propitati njihova transparentnost, autentičnost, dijaloški pristup participaciji i etičnost.

About the lecturer

Dalibor Jakus


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