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EASE Editorial School for Journal Editors Part II

Module 5 – Publishing ethics: open science and journal policies

This module was held in conjunction with the 17th EASE Conference, in-person and online
31 May 2023   3pm Turkey, 1pm UK

Publishing ethics are an increasing concern for the global research community, especially with greater exposure to criticism on the Internet and through social media. Journals and editors are now being judged on both the publishing model which the journal follows, and also on the quality of what it publishes. In particular, issues over transparency and openness are being evaluated by researchers and their funding organizations when deciding where to publish, and which journals to support. In some cases this has resulted in good journals being viewed as suspicious because their public presence does not clearly describe the publishing processes, editorial safeguards and commitment to balanced publication.

This workshop looked at the policies which journals should create and enforce, and how they can monitor them. It especially considered Open Science in its broadest sense, and the implications for journal editors and the publication of their journals.


  1. Open science – What it means for editors, the journal publishers, and how it can be effected in a way to satisfy the funding agencies
  2. Journal policies – Which policies need to be in place, which need to be made public on the journal website
  3. Managing social media – How to ensure social media benefits the journal, and how to manage social media problems


Pippa Smart

Consultant: retired, PSP ConsultingUnited Kingdom

Now mostly retired from publishing.

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