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EASE Editorial School for Journal Editors Part II

Module 8 – Publishing impact: developing a journal

21 June 2023   1pm UK  online

Journals have a tendency to become static and frequently fail to develop in response to changing researcher and publishing needs. Editors are frequently too busy to consider changes to workflows, aims and scope or other publishing and editorial issues unless specific problems arise. However the journal environment changes constantly, and it is important for both new and established journals to consider how and why they should implement changes, and to have ongoing development strategies to ensure they remain attractive to their research community.

This workshop will look at how editors can easily build development strategies that are realistic and practical to their own busy schedules.


  1. Evaluating your journal – Before any development strategy can be considered it is vital that journals understand their strengths and weaknesses. Delegates will be provided with tools and tips on how to evaluate the health of their journal and to identify areas in need of development or change
  2. Planning for development – Plans need to be realistic and achievable. Delegates will be provided with tools for establishing development priorities and ways to build realistic plans for change
  3. Achieving indexation – For many editors, achieving indexation in reputable indexes is a primary goal. However this is not easy, and good planning is required if applications for indexing are to be successful. Delegates will learn the basic steps they need to take in order to improve their chances of becoming indexed.

A case study will be presented to demonstrate how a journal can change substantially and become more successful.

Registration and offers

This is Module 8 of the EASE Editorial School for Journal Editors, Part II. Modules are not available separately. The course is open to all, with discounts for EASE members and those in low income countries.



Pippa Smart

Consultant: retired, PSP ConsultingUnited Kingdom

Now mostly retired from publishing.

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