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EASE India webinar: The fundamentals of Alt Text

Wednesday, 6 December 2023

Visalakshy Loganathan, a member of the EASE India leadership team, presented this enlightening webinar that delved into the fundamental aspects of Alt Text – a vital component of accessibility. In a digital landscape where inclusion and accessibility are paramount, understanding Alt Text is essential for web developers, content creators, authors, editors, and anyone passionate about making content more inclusive.

In this webinar, Visa explored the Basics of Alt Text, shedding light on its crucial role in making content accessible to individuals with disabilities. We learned how Alt Text empowers those who rely on screen readers to engage with images, graphics, and visual content, ensuring that no one is left behind.

We discovered the Applications of Alt Text across diverse platforms, from websites and social media to e-learning materials and beyond. We gained valuable insights into why Alt Text matters, not just for compliance but for fostering a more inclusive digital environment.

We explored the tools used to generate Alt Text efficiently and effectively. Visa introduced a variety of user-friendly tools and techniques that can streamline the process of creating descriptive and meaningful Alt Text, saving time and effort.

Visa provided practical tips to enhance the participants understanding of Alt Text and its profound impact on accessibility.

Presented by

Visalakshy Loganathan

Founder & CEO, Onpaper Publishing Pvt Ltd/Accessibility ExpertIndia

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