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EASE/ISMTE joint webinar: Untapping the potential of editorial reports

Tuesday, 16 January 2024 3pm (UK time)

Journals and their editorial offices have an array of data at their fingertips, all of which can be utilized to improve the quality of peer review, understand post-publication content performance and better engage with author or reader communities. Data can be used to elevate the quality of published research, deliver optimal user experiences, address inequities and shape best practices. That the overwhelming majority of journals massively under-utilize the data available to them is rarely discussed. Across scholarly publishing, little has been done to address issues such as: consistent access to data; standardized methods of reporting; enhancing interpretative skills, and addressing the paucity of straightforward tools to ingest/digest data.

As a prelude to future efforts to provide better guidance on working with data, this summary session showed how different data can be used, smartly, by journals to shape policies and operational protocols to ensure effective peer review management, support authors, drive interactions with readers and ensure ethicalness. Finally, the session also outlined common failings in the gathering, organising and interpretation of data, all of which can undermine the effectiveness of reporting.

This event was free to EASE and ISMTE members.


Jason Roberts, PhD

Senior Partner, at Origin EditorialCanada

Jason Roberts is a Senior Partner at Origin Editorial, an editorial office services and peer review management company. He is also a past-president of the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors. Jason formally began a career in publishing with Blackwell Science in Oxford, England in the 1990’s and then Boston, Massachusetts. After deciding peer review management was his preferred career path, he has since broadened his interests to include the study of peer review and elevating the work performed inside editorial offices. Jason currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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