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EASE Nordic webinar: Do print scientific journals still have a role?

Most scientific journals now publish exclusively online, and almost all publish online first. The immediate accessibility, cost-efficiency and interactivity of online publishing has revolutionized scientific publishing. But some journals still have print versions. Are print scientific journals the last dinosaurs from a lost age, just waiting for an imminent death? Or do they still have a role to play, now and in the years to come?

Are Brean, Editor in chief of The Journal of The Norwegian Medical Association, runs a national medical journal that publishes online first and attracts more that 10 million yearly page visitors. Still, he and his team has chosen not only to keep the print version of the journal, but also to strengthen it. Is this going backwards into the future, or is the imminent death of paper exaggerated?

This webinar was hosted by the Nordic Regional Chapter of EASE. It was free and open to all.



Are Brean

Editor in Chief, The Norwegian Medical SocietyNorway

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