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Medicine and the Media

This in-person meeting was held in Florence, Italy, and focused on Medicine and the Media. The event was conceived and organised by Antonio Addis, Camilla Alderighi, Fabio Ambrosino, Luca De Fiore, Rebecca De Fiore, Raffaele Rasoini, Steven Woloshin for Il Pensiero Scienficico Editore, ProMIS and LSF under the patronage of: Associazione Alessandro Liberati – Cochrane Affiliate Center and the European Association of Science Editors, Italian Chapter.

The uncertainty stemming from the pandemic has impacted the dissemination of information, often leading to unreliable sources. As a result, many citizens have made health decisions in a less than ideal environment and lacking the necessary skills of critical health literacy. To compound the picture, health communication is often intertwined with academic and commercial interests that affect health information disseminated by medical journals, press offices, scientific societies, and the media.

It is worthwhile to enhance the ability of citizens to critically address health information, as well as provide educational opportunities for journalists and media professionals. Furthermore, contemporary trends in scientific publishing and communication need to be analysed and debated, e.g. the risky partnerships between institutions and industries, the reliability and value of research evaluation metrics and the new publishing models.