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Looking for Research Collaborators for Survey on Open Peer Review

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The EASE Peer Review Committee is looking for researcher collaborators among the EASE members for running a survey on open peer review - please find details at:

Applicants are asked to apply for only one role from the list below that they would be willing to undertake and be responsible for. We would welcome an early career researcher who has existing expertise in these topics or a willingness to learn.

  • literature review and website search: to be completed in February and March 2024  (Description: you will be expected to conduct reproducible website and bibliographic searches and identify studies or publishers’ reports that reported on the types of peer review of journals, as well as similar surveys on the topic)
  • survey design and methods: to be completed in March and April 2024 (Description: you will be expected to help design the survey questions and plan reminder email and follow-ups)
  • survey (statistical) analysis: to be completed in June and July 2024 (Description: you will be expected to lead or co-lead the survey results analysis and produce figures and tables for a publication)
  • protocol and manuscript writing: to be completed in March and July 2024 (Description: you will be expected to coordinate with the other members above, and produce the first draft of a protocol for preregistration and the results manuscript aimed for publication at the EASE journal)
  • graphic design: to be completed in June and July 2024 (you will be expected to produce a graphical abstract, and infographics with the survey results to be used for wider dissemination, among others through the EASE website and social media channels).

Note: All collaborators are expected to review the protocol and the results publication in March and July 2024.