EASE Guidelines, Checklists and Tools

EASE has created several guidelines, checklists and tools which we encourage members and non-members to adopt. All can be accessed from our Resources library.

The EASE Guidelines for Authors and Translators of Scientific Articles to be Published in English provide simple, clear advice aimed at making international scientific communication more efficient.

The SAGER Guidelines (Sex and Gender Equality in Research) were created by the Gender Policy Committee in 2016. They were published in the Open Access journal, BMC Research Integrity and Peer Review Journal.
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The Sex and Gender Equity in Research (SAGER) Guidelines now have an accompanying Checklist. It has two versions, one for studies including human participants and one for studies that do not include human participants, such as those using animals and cells. These were developed from the guidelines presented in the original SAGER article, with additional requirements identified by some Lancet journals. They present a convenient list of items to check off when writing, reviewing or editing manuscripts.

Download the Checklist – English Checklist – Italian

Peer review toolkit

Environmental manifesto 

The EASE Form for Authors’ Contributions and Conflict of Interest Disclosure is intended for use by authors submitting to scientific journals, during or soon after manuscript submission.

The EASE Ethics Checklist for Authors (to be signed by the corresponding author) is intended for use by authors submitting to scientific journals during or soon after manuscript submission, to make formal declarations of the ethical integrity of the research, and information on any issues which must be be provided to editorial offices.

EASE Quick-Check Table for Submissions  – a simple table for journals to include at the start of their instructions for authors, which clearly displays the most essential information, e.g. word count, number of keywords, format of tables and figures.

EASE Standard Retraction Form – this template helps editors and journal managers understand whether an article meets the pre-requisites for the COPE retraction guidelines.


See also our publications and resources pages which provide more useful information for editors.