EASE Vietnamese Chapter Updates

SAGER flowchart guiding editors’ initial screening of submitted manuscripts

The EASE Vietnamese Regional Chapter have two translated works to distribute this month.

The SAGER Guidelines have been translated by Ho Manh Toan, Nguyen Thi Linh, Pham Thanh Hang, Vuong Thu Trang, from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Social Research, Hanoi.

This can be found alongside the Chinese, Korean, Portugese and Spanish versions of the Guidelines, in our expanding list of multi-language versions of this valuable resource.

The group have also translated Joan Marsh’s recent Elsevier Connect article”A great way to “EASE” into the editing community“, that highlights the value of EASE to editors. The Vietnamese translation was published in the SciComm system set up by the EASE Vietnam Chapter in 2019: https://sc.sshpa.com/post/5611