EASE Council Strategy Day, Athens

EASE Council have been out and about recently, increasing our in person appearances now that full conferences are back on our event calendars.

The EASE Council convened in Athens on the Sunday before the World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) for a full day of strategising and planning developments for EASE, including a preliminary discussion of the results of the survey many of our members completed for us over recent weeks.

Cem, Bahar, Iva, Ksenija, Sigmar, Yateen, Jadranka, Are and Mary attended in person, Duncan, Matt, Elisa and Ali Zoomed in to the session that began with unpacking the key details and themes that emerged from the survey responses, going through the suggestions that you, our members, provided us with on the dimensions of your work that we might provide support and resources to assist with. AI and Machine Learning was a big issue, along with several aspects of peer review, time management, freelancing and several others.

We also reflected on our activities over the past few years, and had an invigorating exchanging of ideas and expertise between Council members, plus Joan Marsh and Roohi Ghosh representing our Community and Membership committees, respectively.

Council will present more results from the membership survey, our goals for the coming years as well as details of the 18th EASE Conference next year at the AGM in 19th June.  Members be sure to register to attend.

Following the Strategy Day, members of the Council attended the reception of the World Congress of Research Integrity at the start of their Conference. This was a great opportunity to meet up with various of EASE members who were also attending.