EASE Council nominee Elena Tikhonova

Nominated for ordinary Council member

Ms Elena Tikhonova

Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Head for the editorial team “Journal of Language and Education”
[email protected]

I’m very glad to have been nominated to serve on the EASE Council

The issues of research activities and the correct presentation of their results in the format of articles and monographs attracted me from the first days of my career. It would be no exaggeration to say that I have devoted 20 years to working as an editor and working with editors and authors of scientific publications. I have progressed from the role of junior editor at a journal through to founding a new journal published in English (“Journal of Language and Education”). The practical experience I have accumulated allows me to consciously and meaningfully create a platform around the journal for scholars’ genuine scientific communication, designed to promote the development of the best examples of academic culture, following global best practice in this area.

EASE has had a huge impact on my personal development as an editor. The Association allows you to feel the true unity of its members, their harmonious desire to develop a high-quality space for scientific communication. The EASE mission to build a community of like-minded people capable of continually improving international scientific editing standards and to support the ethical activities of authors and reviewers is more important than ever. Of utmost importance to me personally is the sense of scientific editing culture, the culture of mutual support that EASE gives to its members.

The resources created by EASE and made available to all members of the editorial and publishing cycle are in great demand as they act as optimal tools for interaction. EASE events (in all their formats) enable one to consider many of the discussed problems from new angles, opening up new perspectives. A trusting and supportive atmosphere of communication involves all event participants in communication. I am a devoted follower of the EASE philosophy and I believe that its values need to be disseminated widely among editors, reviewers and authors around the world, thereby contributing to the formation of an objective science without falsification and distortion.

If I am elected to the Council, I will make every effort to maximize the promotion and development of EASE initiatives, both through participation in its meetings and events, and in the context of its educational and tutoring activities.

I sincerely believe that the activities of scientific journals’ editors have the most significant impact on the development of genuine academic culture in all its manifestations, at all levels. I would be more than happy to create a committee to research and support the influence of scientific journals’ editorial boards on the development of academic culture globally. Scientific journals around the world are undergoing a major transformation today, abandoning the siloed approach and striving for effective communication at the global level.

It really means a lot to me to be able to use my experience in the creation of scientific content, publishing and teaching to fulfill the EASE mission.

I sincerely hope that the distinguished members of EASE will give me such an opportunity.

Career Resume

Elena Tikhonova is the Founder, Head of the Editorial team and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Language and Education, Moscow, Russia. She also works as the Head of the Centre of Scientometrics and Publication activity at the Moscow State University of Food Production, under the auspices of which a number of scientific journals are published. The objective of the Centre is to provide content that leads to positive changes in research culture, and in the way that research is communicated and consumed around the world. She has dedicated her career to interacting with authors, reviewers and editors. For 20 years, starting as a scientific editor of manuscripts, she has been purposefully developing the competencies necessary for the most effective development of scientific publications. The journals published under her management are characterized by a desire to comply with all the requirements for the ethics of research publication activity, both at the stage of manuscript preparation and at the stage of interaction of all actors of the editorial and publishing cycle. The Journal of Language and Education actively publishes articles on significant topics in the global scientific publishing industry, such as publishing ethics, meta-reviewing, post-reviewing, and open access.

Elena’s mission is to improve the culture of research and the way research is published and disseminated around the world. She leads a number of research projects aimed at optimizing scientific publishing and developing a genuine academic culture. Elena is an active member of EASE and participates in EASE conferences and discussions. Since 2020 Elena has been the Head of the Russian Chapter of EASE.

Read her full CV here