EASE Council nominee Ines Steffens

Nominated for Vice President

Dr Ines Steffens

Managing editor
[email protected]

I am Editor-in-Chief of Eurosurveillance (www.eurosurveillance.org), an open access, non-profit journal on surveillance, prevention and control of communicable diseases published by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in Stockholm, Sweden. Before becoming EIC 2011, I was the journal’s managing editor from 2006 onwards.

Since 2018, I have been EASE Vice President after becoming a member of Council in 2015.

My first contact with EASE was at the EASE conference in Pisa in 2009, and I joined as a member shortly hereafter. I was a long-term active member in the EASE Gender Policy Committee (GPC) following its establishment in 2012. Working with the GPC has been enriching and the SAGER guidelines developed by the GPC were an important milestone. The very positive experiences with the GPC and during EASE conferences heightened my interest to become more engaged with EASE and I became a member of Council in 2015. Aside from general EASE matters, as Council member I was chiefly involved in organising the EASE conferences and acting as GPC liaison. Having been one of the two EASE Vice Presidents since 2018, I have supported the President(s), Pippa Smart and then Duncan Nicholas, in strategic thinking and ideas for the future development of the organisation.

What I particularly like about EASE is the exchange with other members during and between the conferences. Being part of a network in which many highly knowledgeable and resourceful editors meet and exchange experiences and views, has been beneficial for me professionally and personally. I learned a lot thanks to EASE.

Now I would like to continue assisting EASE and its’ President for another term, with personal engagement as well as a creative and critical mind. I bring the perspective of someone who works in a scientific, multicultural, international governmental organisation. My special interests include publication ethics i.e. quality and transparency of science reporting, the work of the GPC, capacity building and editorial support/incentives for data sharing.