November 2015; 41(4)

Table of Contents [PDF]

Original articles

Relationship between the duration of peer-review, publication decision, and agreement among reviewers in three Chilean journals. Omar Sabaj; José O. Valderrama; Carlos González-Vergara; Álvaro Pina-Stranger [PDF]


New EASE Council and strategy 2015. Ana Marušić; Pippa Smart [PDF]


The role of social media in the research cycle. Duncan Nicholas [PDF]
Ethics: an absolute or conditional issue? Behrooz Astaneh [PDF]


Translation of titles – to be or not to  be? Marin Vodanovic [PDF]

Reports of meetings

2015 Annual General Meeting. Joan Marsh [PDF]
The 2nd Asian Science Editors conference and workshop (CASE 2015 – Council of Asian Science Editors). Dinh Thi Thu Phong [PDF]
Council of Science Editors (CSE) Annual Meeting 2015. Krishna Kumar Venkitachalam [PDF]

Book review

The Good Doctor: A Father, a Son, and the Evolution of Medical Ethics. Joan Marsh [PDF]

This site I like

WordPress: an excellent way to promote journals and connect with readers. Carly McCuaig [PDF]

Regular features

EASE-Forum digest: June to September 2015 [PDF]
My life as an editor – Philip Campbell [PDF]
News notes. John Hilton [PDF]
The editor’s bookshelf. Anna Maria Rossi [PDF]
New council members [PDF]